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Vision Guided Robots

IDI specializes in vision guided robots. A machine vision guided robot uses a camera and software to guide the robot to the location of a part to be picked. This camera can also add 100% part inspection into your process.

When should you consider machine vision robots?

Bowl Feeder Replacement – vibratory bowl feeders and centrifugal feeders can be good for feeding one style or shape of part, but these can require expensive downtime and tooling to change over for different parts. A vision guided robot paired with a flexible feed system from IDI allows for part changeovers that take a few minutes, rather than several hours or days. A flexible feed system allows a bulk quantity of parts to be loaded to the robot infeed. The feed system creates separation between the parts so the robot can pick them. Assembly robots, machine load / unload, and insert mold loading for injection molding processes are ideal operations for bowl feeder replacements.

Odd Shaped & Delicate Parts – odd shaped parts can be difficult to feed in traditional vibratory or centrifugal feeders and delicate parts can get damaged in these types of feed systems. A vision guided robot cell can be designed to only handle your parts the way you want them handled.

High Speed Pick & Place Robots – are often vision guided in order to achieve high pick and place speeds. Parts can be picked directly from a conveyor without the need for parts to be positively fixtured prior to the robot pick.