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Robotic Tape Application

Application of Double-Sided Tape Using a Robot

Products : Sound deadening materials used to reduce noise in automobiles

Business situation:

  • Materials are installed in automobiles using double-sided tape.
  • Manual application of double-sided tape to material requires high head count in production at the manufacturing location.
  • When double-sided tape is applied, the protective covering remains on the side of the tape that eventually contacts surfaces in automobiles.

Automation requirements:

  • Replace manual application of double-sided tape with an automated work cell.

Interactive Design Solution:

  • Custom automated system to feed and separate double-sided tape so that it can be picked by the robot.
  • Custom vacuum conveyor for feeding sheets of product materials into the automated cell.
  • Machine vision camera with dedicated lighting to locate the sheets of products on the conveyor.
  • Custom end of arm tooling on the robot for picking the double-sided tape and applying it to the sound deadening products.
  • ABB robot to pick tape from the feed system and apply it to the materials on the vacuum conveyor.