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Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Machine Loading

Medical Device - Load and Unload System
Form, Fill, and Seal Machines

In production environments with form, fill, and seal machines, there are requirements to load medical as the product is being packaged.

At the output of the machine, there is a need to transfer certain completed packages to a separate conveyor or to an operator. The determination as to which packages are to be transferred is typically made by an upstream process or an inspection station.

Load and Unload Systems
Interactive Design provides custom systems that interface with form, fill, and seal machines. These systems can function to load product into the packages formed by the machine or to remove completed packages from the output of the machine.

Each system is customized to the row, track format of the form, fill, and seal machine. The gripping devices are selected based on the specific product or package being produced by the machine.

Complementary Systems
Interactive Design also provides fully automated, machine vision inspection systems that are used in conjunction with our load and unload systems. These systems include:

Product presence detection – confirms that product has been placed into packages during the loading process.

Label Print Inspection – detailed verification of both the variable printed information (i.e. expiration date, lot code) and inspection for partial missing characters in the product description.