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Food packaging

Product: Frozen Baked Goods

Business Situation:

  • Increased demand required a frozen food manufacturing company to expand production
  • Existing packaging in-feed loading system was insufficient to load product at the required rate

Automation Requirements:

  • Accept frozen product from a freezer conveyor
  • Inspect product to determine if each one is within given specifications
  • Pick randomly oriented product from the conveyor at high speed and load it into the conveyor at high speed
  • Package only the good product

Interactive Design Solution:

  • 8 High Speed Delta Style Robots - to acquire product from the conveyor and place them onto a packaging conveyor
  • Custom end of arm tooling & vacuum generation
  • Machine vision cameras and dedicated lighting to locate and inspect product
  • Two 17" touch screen operator interface monitors mounted flush into the face of enclosures
  • Custom conveyor system to deliver inbound product to the robot pick area