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Plastics Industry

There are many potential applications for the use of machine vision technology and robots in the plastics industry.

Machine vision can be used to inspect the quality of injection molded, thermoformed, or extruded parts. Using the results from the inspection, defective parts can be automatically rejected from the production process.

Robots can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks . . . from performing secondary operations on plastic parts . . . to being the heart of a work cell that produces sub-assemblies from plastic components.

For examples of our project experience in the plastics industry, click on the links below:
Control valve inspection – performing three inspections in one integrated system

Robotic work cell integration – automating sub-assembly production

Plastic case assembly – work cell with two Fanuc robots

Hot stamp quality inspection– using machine vision

End cut inspection – assuring ends of sealant product are properly cut

Shipping container inspection – rejecting containers with incomplete handles

Continuous extrusion inspection – inspecting for absence of sealing material

Container lid inspection – assuring that lids have the correct brand and flavor