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Dimensional / Gauging

Container Dimensional and Profile Inspection

Inspection Requirements

  • Containers are presented in a continuous sleeve
  • Manual inspection was insufficient to keep with the required rate
  • Offline manual inspection allowed too many bad parts to be produced by the time defects were discovered
  • Inspect round containers at the rate of 800 parts per minute
  • Take readings at 4 points around the circumference of the container
  • Measure Outside Diameter to ±.015”
  • Measure profile features
  • Colors are clear, translucent, and white

Interactive Design Solution:

  • Four (4) machine vision cameras with telecentric lenses
  • Dedicated lighting
  • Personal Computer with Cognex Vision Pro software for image analysis
  • LCD touch screen monitor
  • Enclosure to house personal computer with UPS
  • Allen-Bradley PLC with I/O
  • Sensors to trigger cameras to acquire images
  • Operator Alert System – to alert nearby operators in the event of a designated number of consecutive failed images