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Consumer Products - Package Inspection

The opportunities are endless for the application of machine vision and robotic technology in the manufacturing and packaging of consumer products.

At Interactive Design, we have been helping our customers improve the efficiency of their production processes since 1987. We have implemented process control improvements for every stage of production from the time raw materials are received at the plant until the final product is packaged and ready for shipment. These process improvements have been accomplished through the use of machine vision technology, robots, and innovative material handling systems.

Consumer Industry – package over-wrap verification

Item for inspection: Plastic over-wrap for bundle of consumer products

Inspection requirements: Verify that plastic over-wrap has been properly applied to bundle of consumer products

Inspection process: Detect presence of pre-printed registration mark after over-wrap material has been placed around bundle

Interactive Design solution:

  • Machine vision cameras and lights mounted on production line after plastic over-wrap has been applied
  • Reject the entire product bundle when the registration mark for the over-wrap material cannot be detected