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The benefits of using machine vision and robotic technology are significant to suppliers and manufacturers in the industry that produces automobiles, trucks, busses, motorcycles and other forms of transportation. These benefits include higher product quality and increases in production efficiency.

At Interactive Design, we have been helping our customers improve the efficiency of their production processes since 1987. These process improvements have been accomplished through the use of machine vision technology, robots, and innovative material handling systems. For examples of our project experience in the automotive industry:

Automotive Batteries - Incorrect or Misaligned Labels – inspecting to assure that the correct product label is installed and that the alignment of the label is within specifications

Battery Terminal Inspection– inspecting the quality and dimensions of battery terminals

Brake Adjuster Inspection – assuring that brake adjusters for trucks and buses have been assembled correctly

Robotic Application of Double-Sided Tape – applying double sided tape to materials used for sound deadening

Sealing Component Inspection – inspecting surface of the component for missing material during the manufacturing process

Finished End Inspection – inspecting ends of sealing component to assure a proper fit when installed into Sport Utility Vehicles.

Interior Trim Inspection – inspecting for presence of correct features on automotive headliner assemblies

Paint Booth Paint Usage Optimization – reducing paint consumption by identifying each unique part prior to entering a paint booth