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At Interactive Design, we have proven that machine vision technology is an excellent solution to the inspection and dimensional gauging requirements within the ammunition industry.  We lead the industry in the development of integrated systems that combine machine vision technology with innovative material handling methods.

For case histories of production systems we have developed, click on the links below:

Brass case inspection – critical defect inspection and dimensional gauging

Primer assembly inspection – eliminating defects at the point of insertion into cases

Bullet length inspection – measuring the accuracy of a precision projectile

Primer flash tube inspection – verifying lacquer seal quality

In addition to delivering systems for production use, our customer’s utilize our professional services to perform feasibility studies. In these studies, we evaluate alternative solutions to specific requirements in the industry. Examples of these studies include:

  • For primer manufacturing - inspection for foil conditions (missing, stained, deep seated presence, incorrect color) Also, charge weight status (correct, light weight, heavy weight)
  • For rim fire cartridges – inspecting for defects in the distribution of primer material in the bottom of the cartridges

To discuss a particular requirement for a production system or feasibility study, Contact Us.