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Inspection Systems

What can machine vision do in your company?

  • 100% inspection of parts or assemblies?
  • Make precision quality measurements?
  • Identify, sort, or inspect randomly oriented parts?
  • Guide a robot before taking the next step with a part or assembly?

No human can do these activities at 1200 parts per minute. However, a machine vision system can.

We design and install custom machine vision and 3D vision solutions. With each solution being unique, we must first specify the appropriate inspection technology. After that we select the cameras, lenses, and lighting sources necessary to solve the specific requirement.

We develop solutions using products from Cognex, LMI Technologies, FLIR, PPT, SICK, and Matrox.  We are a Cognex Certified Vision Integrator (CVI) and members of the Automated Imaging Association.
A critical consideration for every machine vision system is the orientation of the part or subassemblies.  Our turnkey solutions often contain a material handling device such as a vibratory hopper, bowl feeder, or moving conveyor belt as part of the overall solution.
What happens with the results from the machine vision system?  We can integrate sorting or reject mechanisms, robots, or other devices to take the appropriate action.
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