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Cattle Ear Tag Assembly

Pharmaceutical Industry – Cattle Ear Tag Assembly

Products : ear tag worn by cows to repel insects, contains insecticide

Business situation:

    Automation requirements:

    • Replace manual task of inserting bushing into molded ear tags.
    • Significantly reduce exposure to insecticide by production personnel.
    • Combine completed ear tags into sets for product packaging.

    Interactive Design Solution:

    • Integrated workstation consisting of in-feed and exit conveyors, bowl feeder, servo driven grippers, and machine vision systems for detecting ear tag orientation and inspecting bushings.

    Work station operation:

    • Molded ear tags are placed on in-feed conveyor
    • Machine vision system communicates orientation of each ear tag
    • Servo driven gripper moves ear tags onto rotating table
    • Rotating table moves ear tags to bushing insertion station
    • Bushings fed by bowl feeder are inserted into the ear tags
    • Multiple head gripper assembly removes completed tags from rotating table and creates product set on exit conveyor