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Pallet Inspection

3D Vision System – Pallet Inspection and Sorting System

System Capabilities:

  • Automatically inspect pallets for damage and sort pallets according to style
  • Damage can be broken or missing slats and/or broken or missing stringers
  • Damage can be detected on top, bottom, and sides of pallets
  • Pallets may be presented on a conveyor or in a stack
  • Different varieties of pallets (GMA Pallets, CHEP Pallets, Plastic Pallets) can be sorted
  • Defects can be automatically rejected
  • Allows automated palletizing equipment to only palletize on good pallets, reducing warehouse waste and rework
  • System can be implemented at the outfeed of a pallet dispenser
  • No dedicated lighting necessary
  • Pallets may be any color

Interactive Design Solution:

  • 3D Sensor(s) – number of sensors varies depending on the number of sides of the pallet to be inspected
  • Personal Computer with Cognex Vision Pro software for image analysis
  • LCD touch screen monitor
  • Enclosure to house personal computer

Interactive Design can provide the method of presentation to the 3D Pallet Inspection system as well, including conveyors, pallet dispenser, and/or robotic handling and sorting